Super Mario Arena

This week QCCC Mapleton is hosting the September edition of the Mapleton Adventure Camp.  It’s a camp we host twice a year in partnership with Scripture Union Queensland, a week-long frenzy of fun for 120 kids drawn from the Brisbane area.

The quiet before the storm

Our aim is to make each Mapleton Adventure Camp as memorable as possible.  The theme for September camp this year is Super Mario Brothers, and on opening night (Monday) we decked out our meeting hall for the first round of games and activities.

The kids are pretty fresh and energetic when they hit camp on the first day, and many of the kids are just getting to know each other in their dorm groups.  So first night is all about an exhausting round of games and competitions to get the teams to gel and to make sure the kids are ready for bed when it’s lights out.

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QCCC Tamborine’s chaplaincy dinner

QCCC camp school chaplain catering
Getting ready to pay tribute to Tamborine Mountain chaplains

Each year QCCC Tamborine sponsors a dinner as a fundraiser for the Scripture Union chaplains on Tamborine Mountain.  The most recent dinner was held on 11 August in the dining hall at the WEC Centre, one of the three complexes that forms QCCC Tamborine. 

There are four chaplains on Tamborine Mountain, spread across three schools.  QCCC pays for and hosts the meal for Scripture Union so fundraising is maximised.  The most recent event drew the largest crowd yet – 140 people showed up for a night of entertainment and food. More than $5,000 was raised to support Mountain chaplaincy through the course of the evening.

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