Youtube fun

We were posting our videos up to YouTube the other day and were pleasantly surprised to find that there were already a few contributions to YouTube featuring some of our activities and sites.  We’ll share a few of the best of them in coming weeks.

First cab off the rank is this video with footage of the larger flying fox at QCCC Mapleton.

We have two flying foxes at Mapleton. The first is a smaller one we use for younger groups, generally Year 5 and below. It runs from a height of 12 metres and has a length of thirty metres.

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Don’t worry, it’s not real!

Queensland School Expeditions
It's amazing what you can do with fake blood and tattoos

QCCC Mapleton is catering to an increasing number offsite expeditions. We offer customized trips involving hiking, canoeing down the beautiful Hinterland rivers, sea kayaking and we can throw in abseiling, rock climbing and raft building for good measure.

Taking groups into the breathtaking outdoors, often for days at a time, brings with it a great deal of responsibility. Safety is of the utmost importance in our expedition program, but when dealing with human nature and the elements there’s always the need to contingency plan against worst-case scenarios.

It’s contingency planning that saw several of the QCCC Mapleton staff complete a three day search and rescue course over the past few weeks. It allowed time for two hypothetical scenarios to allow theory and knowledge to be put into practice.

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