QCCC Tamborine ideal for Grade 7 “bonding” camps

With Grade 7 moving into High Schools in 2015 QCCC Tamborine is the ideal venue to consider for schools to establish a tradition of memorable Grade 7 “bonding” camps. Entering High School is always a big transition and schools will be drawing their cohort from multiple Primary Schools. Camp is a great way to “bond” an incoming Grade 7 cohort, setting them up to not just survive High School, but to thrive.

QCCC Tamborine’s size and flexibility means it’s well positioned to entertain Grade Seven, particularly for large schools searching for a campsite to cater to big groups. Not only does Tamborine boast 350 beds, there is also provision for another 150 students to camp in tents, providing a frontier feel to programs. QCCC Tamborine has 35 acres of glorious property overlooking Brisbane and Moreton Island, ideal for recreation, games and outdoor education. And it’s only a short drive away from the major Gold Coast theme parks for groups looking for a fun day out.

As a fully catered facility Tamborine can make your Grade 7 bonding camp easy, memorable and significant. For more details contact QCCC Tamborine or download our Grade 7 Camping Brochure and Information Sheet here.