QCCC wins major Outdoor Education Award

WINNER 2013 Award Logo
Queensland Conference and Camping Centres is the winner of the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Award for Excellence in Outdoor Instruction and Education.

In a major coup for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland a local Outdoor Education Centre has received the 2013 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Award for Excellence in Outdoor Instruction and Education. Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) are this year’s recipients of the prestigious industry award recognising excellence in Outdoor Education programs.

QCCC’s largest Outdoor Education facility has been a vital part of the Mapleton community for more than thirty years. QCCC Mapleton is one of the busiest school camping venues in Queensland entertaining 30,000 guests annually. More than 20,000 of these are school students attending camps with more than 200 individual school groups. QCCC Mapleton is one of Mapleton’s largest employers with 50 staff and a significant attraction to the local area.

QCCC Director Andrew Grant believes a large part of QCCC’s success comes from locating its largest site in the natural beauty of the Blackall Range. “There’s no doubt we enjoy a natural advantage by bringing city kids into the mountains where they’re immersed in the stunning beauty of the Range. We must have one of the most stunning classrooms in Queensland”.

Throughout 2012 QCCC Mapleton created and built eight new activities specifically designed around the Australian Curriculum. This was a staff-driven effort with the initial “draft activities” significantly altered and enhanced through the participation of staff members primarily responsible for their delivery.

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New site-booking offers for church groups

Mapleton poolsThe staff at QCCC has been working on some very attractive packages for both large and small churches to hold affordable camps at QCCC venues. First cab off the rank is Mapleton with the attached brochure setting out a couple of options:

  • An offer for large churches taking a full-site booking at Mapleton which works out to a per-person price as low as $85 per person for two nights, fully catered.
  • An offer for smaller churches for a partial (multi-group) booking at Mapleton which works out to a per-person price as low as $110 per person for two nights, fully catered for group sizes up to 100 people.

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2012: Empowering & Equipping

School camp QueenslandAs the majority of QCCC Mapleton’s bookings are repeat bookings the year here settles into a fairly steady rhythm. 2012 is drawing to a close and QCCC Mapleton draws the curtain on hosting 400 groups and 25,000 guests.

The week before Christmas is given over to a charity group who bring a lot of kids to Mapleton in the first week of holidays to let their hair down. A lot of the kids come from a tough home situation and the week is about giving them some respite and coping strategies and mechanisms.

The “new year” kicks off again on Boxing Day with Family Summer program. Before we know it the busyness of Term One will descend and off we go again. So this week is a bit of an introspective time, thinking about what we’ve achieved this year and planning for what is to come. It’s fitting that the backdrop to all of this is the group we’ve hosted this week, because they bring so many reminders about what’s important about what we do.

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Australian Curriculum Activities in 2013

Environmental awareness school camp
QCCC Mapleton’s amazing Nature Display will feature heavily in a new activity on Environmental Awareness.

The Australian Curriculum is a major development in the Australian educational sector and QCCC have spent most of 2012 planning new and improved methods to assist schools to achieve the outcomes expected of the new regime. Now we’re hard at work building seven new activities based on the Australian Curriculum to be ready for Term One next year. 

Programs and activities developed by Mapleton’s Outdoor Education team will also make their way to QCCC’s two other sites at Brookfield and Tamborine, though with slight adaptations to make them appropriate to the client base at those Centres.

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Mapleton Family Summer Program

Summer Program Mapleton
The Mapleton pool complex is a central part of the Mapleton Family Summer Program.

Details of the 2012/13 QCCC Mapleton Family Summer Program have been released and bookings for this Summer’s event have commenced.  As QCCC Mapleton is hosting a one-off national conference later in January this year’s Summer Program has been cut to two weeks so potential guests are being encouraged to book as soon as possible to make sure they don’t miss out.

Starting on Boxing Day and continuing through to the 9th of January the Mapleton Family Summer program continues a thirty year legacy of fun, fellowship and friendships.

For two glorious summer weeks the full site and facilities of QCCC Mapleton are given over to families for hours of sunshine by the pool, a fully catered meal program and lots of activities for the kids to throw themselves into. This summer’s morning sessions of spiritual reflection and guidance will be provided by Rhys McFadden and Chris Stewart.

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Cultural Awareness programs now available at Mapleton

Cultural Awareness workshops Sunshine Coast
Cultural Awareness Workshops now available at QCCC Mapleton.

Goombuckar Dancers are available to perform night programs at schools and corporate camps at QCCC Mapleton.
The Goombuckar dance troupe consists of between 4 & 10 dancers who are descendants from the local Gubbi Gubbi people.  Song man and didgeridoo player Kerry Neill has travelled the world sharing his culture.  Now this amazing troupe performs traditional and contemporary dances from the local area and afar.

Cultural performances can be tailored to suit guest needs with up to 90 minutes of dance, cultural talks and storytelling.  Cultural performances offered include welcome to country, fire making, Didgeridoo solos and stories, aboriginal artifacts and weapons explanations and a bush food walk.

For school groups Goombuckar have a full set of Aboriginal Artifacts and the hunting techniques still used by the troupe in the bush. Bush techniques cover the main aims of bush craft (staying quiet, remembering where you are and not taking more than you need.)  Goombuckar try to ensure that this information relates to childrens’ school work and they aim to encourage learning in tactile and fun ways.

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QCCC expands to cope with schools demand

School camp Sunshine Coast Queensland
QCCC Mapleton's capacity has increased to 300 beds

Queensland Conference and Camping Centres has finalised expansions at two of its facilities.  QCCC Mapleton and QCCC Tamborine have both increased their capacity by a further 50 beds, and each site can now accommodate 300 guests at a time.

The expansion at QCCC Mapleton is particularly welcome as it is currently fully booked during school terms and turns away numerous groups seeking to access its innovative outdoor education programs.   The expansion provides the opportunity for QCCC Mapleton to cater to two extra school groups each week of the academic year.  It can also cater to larger conferences and events on the weekends.

QCCC Mapleton introduces the “Acacia Complex”.  Acacia Room A is an air-conditioned dormitory sleeping 32 guests, next to a large ablution block and not far away from the Mapleton swimming pool complex.  Acacia Rooms B-D are converted ensuite cabins, sleeping 10 people each, in air-conditioned comfort. 

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Barber Shop Quartet Storm Front to hit QCCC Mapleton

Storm Front in action

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland will host 2010 Barber Shop Quartet World Champions, Storm Front, at a free community convert to be held at Kirkwood Hall on the Queensland Conference and Camping Centres Mapleton campus on Tuesday 4th October from 7.30pm.

QCCC Mapleton is hosting a workshop retreat for Barbershop Quartets in partnership with the Australian Association of Men’s Barbershop Singers (AAMBS) Harmony College.  The concert is a free community event and will feature performances from several outstanding Australian quartets with the highlight of the night will be a performance from American quartet Storm Front.

Storm Front are the 2010 Barbershop Harmony Society Gold Medal International Quartet Champions.  Combining comedy, entertainment, and great singing, Storm Front is Lead Jim Clark, Tenor Jeff Selano, Baritone Darin Drown, and Bass Syd Libsack. They captured their Gold in Philadelphia, becoming the 2010 Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet Champions.

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EXLR8 your Leadership Camp at QCCC

Leadership Camps Queensland Schools High Schools
Team initiatives are an essential part of the EXLR8 Leadership experience

The EXLR8 Leadership Development Program is an innovative and highly sought after Leadership Development program in Queensland schools. Queensland Conference and Camping Centres are proud to partner with EXLR8 to make their programs and format accessible to schools in South East Queensland.

Exlr8  is more than a tick and flick approach to leadership development that presents the technicalities of becoming a leader, or employing a seminar based methodology that simply acknowledges and espouses the processes and procedures of how leadership works, exlr8 focuses on developing the priority and principles of leadership within a student leader. 

Utilising an intrinsic action/reflection approach is purposely designed to help students develop character based decision making capacity through helping them reconstruct their personal story and growing in their understanding of who they are as people and helping them to understand how they influence others around them.

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