QCCC Tamborine hits 600!

Tent Camping Queensland Schools
LArge School Campsite Queensland
Outdoor Education at QCCC’s Mountain Campus

I’m a graduate of Townsville’s Kirwan State High School, back in the day when it was one of the largest State Schools in Queensland. In the early grades there were nearly 500 of us in each year level and even in Grade 12 we numbered more than 300. With the exception of some theme specific camps (eg Biology and Leadership Camps) the sheer size of each of our cohorts meant we were denied the opportunity of a camping program.

Since becoming Director of Queensland Conference and Camping Centres (QCCC) one of my driving desires has been to make sure no Queensland school student is denied the opportunity of a camping program on the basis of the size of their cohort. I’m pleased to announce a campsite capable of catering to the largest of year groups in Queensland schools. Through greater collaboration with adjoining facilities our Mountain Campus at Mount Tamborine (Gold Coast Hinterland) can now cater for single group bookings of up to 600 people. Continue reading

Port of Brisbane funds Expeditions in its own backyard

sea kayak queensland expeditionQCCC’s Expeditions programs have been given a shot in the arm through the provision of a generous grant from Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL). PBPL has provided $6,000 towards the purchase of a sea-kayak and extensive safety gear to enable QCCC to operate a Coastal Discovery Program and Moreton Bay Expedition to local and interstate schools.

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QCCC: Key Statistics

  • Sauana school camps Queensland
    The Swimming Pool Complex at QCCC Mapleton has four pools, two slides and a sauna.

    3 sites containing a total of 800 beds – Brookfield in Brisbane (150 beds), Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (300 beds) and Tamborine Mountain on the Gold Coast Hinterland (350 beds).

  • Growing offsite expeditions offered in Queensland and Northern NSW.
  • Largest single provider of Outdoor Education Programs in Queensland.
  • Catering to 50,000 guests annually (1000 per week on average).
  • More than 300,000 meals served annually.
  • Partnering with over 400 school groups annually.
  • Capable of offering a differentiated sequential program for schools – on provider with different sites capable of constructing a varied program all the way from Grade 2 to Grade 12.  Continue reading

Gold Coast Theme Park Camping Packages for schools

School Camp Gold Coast Youth
Nestled in the hills behind the Gold Coast Theme Parks, QCCC Tamborine is the ideal base for your school or youth camp.

QCCC Tamborine is just a short drive away from the major Gold Coast Theme Parks, making it the perfect base for a Theme Park treat for school and church groups. Spend the days in the fun and sun of some of the Gold Coast’s most famous attractions before coming home to a sumptuous meal and modern accommodation.

The QCCC Tamborine packages include Theme Park entry and the option for packed lunches to accompany your group. Contact the QCCC Tamborine bookings staff for more details and pricing or click here for a brochure. 

Outdoor Movies at QCCC Mapleton

Outdoor Movie ScreenQCCC Mapleton has recently installed an outdoor movie screen, a great new night time activity for both school camps and weekend groups.  The unit is “plug and play”, enjoying a permanent data projector and DVD player in a weatherproof housing.  QCCC Mapleton also has 150 camp chairs available exclusively for outdoor movies.  It couldn’t be easier.  Sit out under the stars and enjoy high quality movies.  What camp memories are made of!

Carnival Night

We’ve just waved goodbye to the latest Mapleton Adventure camp and we really hope that each child takes away with them amazing memories of fun, mayhem and friendship.

The jumping castle is the visual centre-piece for a lot of surrounding activity

One of the stand-outs of the September MAC is Carnival night.  This is the first September MAC I’ve been involved with, and I have to confess I was impressed with its scale and impact.  I now understand why the QCCC staff (and their kids) eagerly awaits each MAC, and why Carnival night is an event on the calendar not to be missed.

Through the year hard-working volunteers comb through stores in Brisbane taking hold of a massive range of plastic toys, food nearing its use-by-date and anything else that might please a child’s heart. 

The campers come into Kirkwood Hall that has as its centerpiece a giant jumping castle, a visual centre piece that sets the carnival atmosphere.  Each child is given a show bag stacked with goodies and a bag of plastic tokens.

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Take a fresh look: QCCC Tamborine

We’re going to start a series on the changes at our three South East Queensland conference and camping sites in recent years.

Gold Coast Queensland Camp Conference
An overhead shot of Tamborine Lodge and the WEC Centre. QCCC Tamborine.

If you haven’t been to a QCCC site for a few years you’ll likely be surprised by the changes and improvements to each site. Take a Fresh Look will guide you through some of the major developments.

QCCC Tamborine is on top of Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It is located 35 kilometres from the Gold Coast, with the road there twisting up the mountain to an elevation of 500 metres above sea level.

The Tamborine property is at the end of Beacon Road and consists of over 50 acres of breathtaking open space. The Beacon Road property was originally a farm that was given over to a Convention ministry. Over the years one acre blocks were parceled off and various congregations and ministry organisations developed them into sites to complement the main Convention site.

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The Mapleton Giant Swing

The Giant Swing at QCCC Mapleton is one of the most popular of the high rope activities for school camps and other groups who come to us.

We have two Giant Swings on-site. The larger of the two was significantly raised last year – the pole that people are released from is 16 metres high (around the height of a five story building). The other giant swing is slightly smaller and was installed late last year to cope with demand!

As you’ll see from the video, we put people in a harness and they’re pulled up to a height they determine by communicating with the people on the rope (so you don’t have to go from the very top if you don’t want to). From the top of the pole you can see the ocean on one side and the beautiful Mapleton rainforest on the other.

When ready you let go the release rope and go swinging back and forward into the trees that verge on QCCC Mapleton’s private rainforest walk. This footage is taken from the top of the pole that people are released.

Great fun!