Australian Curriculum Activities in 2013

Environmental awareness school camp
QCCC Mapleton’s amazing Nature Display will feature heavily in a new activity on Environmental Awareness.

The Australian Curriculum is a major development in the Australian educational sector and QCCC have spent most of 2012 planning new and improved methods to assist schools to achieve the outcomes expected of the new regime. Now we’re hard at work building seven new activities based on the Australian Curriculum to be ready for Term One next year. 

Programs and activities developed by Mapleton’s Outdoor Education team will also make their way to QCCC’s two other sites at Brookfield and Tamborine, though with slight adaptations to make them appropriate to the client base at those Centres.

School camp Sunshine Coast
The Mapleton Bush Hut will become a base for the “Legends and Larrikins” activity.

In 2013 the Australian Curriculum themed activities at Mapleton will include:

  • Two activities developed in consultation with local aboriginal groups to address the cross-curriculum priority of “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures”.
  • A team initiatives activity built around the narrative of the Eureka Stockade.
  • Another team initiatives activity examining the cross-curriculum priority of “Australia’s engagement with Asia”. This activity will look at major migrant groups and the issue of boat people.
  • An interactive experience of frontier life in the 19th Century using Mapleton’s bush hut which is being transformed into a Pioneer Village.
  • An environmental awareness activity and bush walk to address the cross-curriculum priority of “Sustainability”. This will incorporate Mapleton’s nature display, on of Queensland’s largest collections of butterflies, shells and insects.
  • A water-based activity focusing on the experiences of the convict shipments and their experiences on landing on Australian shores.

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