“This is what it is all about!”

Participants at the recent Father-daughter camp at Pioneers

A reflection from one of our staff members at QCCC Tamborine on why we do what we do.

Hi everyone

Just have to share something quickly on the weekend….it impacted me big time! As you know, the pressure was on for us to get the Pioneers site finished, and we were completely worn out by Friday night leading into Saturday.

My Mum and her friend came to visit for Sunday Lunch and so I took them for a stroll around the camps on the Sunday morning, with the 3 groups on site.  We got to Pioneers and got chatting with Andrew and Darren from Fathering Adventures, in the hall.  I went outside to control our dog, who was with us, and a little girl from the Fathering Adventures camp, came to us to pat him.I asked her ‘how she had enjoyed the camp and what was her favourite part’ , anticipating an answer such as ‘Adventure Parc’, ‘the thunder and lightning’, ‘popcorn and soft drinks and the movie night’, but she said ‘I got a note from my Dad…would you like to see it’?and she ran off….oh gosh….tears are welling now, thinking of her little face!

I felt a bit awkward with the prospect of reading her ‘note’ and so walked through the hall to the other side, but soon after she found me and gave it to me. I said ’oh, I don’t know if I should read it, it is meant for you’, but she thrust it to me and wanted me to read it. I cannot even remember what that little note said, but I sure remember the joy on her face, the huge lump in my throat and the feeling of ‘this is what it is all about’!!   I’ll bet she remembers that camp forever!

One thought on ““This is what it is all about!”

  1. Thank you for the many years you have been there for my family, then later when I lost my family-just my son & i. Now at last, I am interested in your singles camps. Please email me of up-coming camps this year. Thank you.
    Linda. xxxxx

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