Introducing Pioneers @ Tamborine

Sunset at QCCC Pioneers

Extensive renovations on QCCC Tamborine’s newest facility are close to completion.  The QCCC Tamborine Pioneers campsite is an exciting new option for niche groups to consider on Tamborine Mountain.

QCCC Pioneers has several points of difference.  Firstly the rooms are significantly smaller than the average campsite, with the campsite containing 16 modern rooms sleeping only three people in each room (for a total capacity of 48 people).  This is likely to prove popular for adult groups who want fewer people to a room and also has significant potential for couples’ retreats.

Pioneers has also been established to be a site to cater to groups on a budget.  All QCCC sites are fully catered, but basic catering options will be available at QCCC Pioneers with fully-catered weekend packages starting at $84 per person for a two night, catered getaway. 

Newly renovated rooms at QCCC Pioneers

Pioneers’ first booking is a Father-Daughter Adventure weekend in October.  2011 Queensland Father of the Year Darren Lewis is speaking at the weekend and says the Pioneers site is perfect for the concept.  “The Pioneers site will allow each father to have a room with just their child on our Adventure weekends.  The rooms at QCCC Pioneers are the ideal size for this to happen and we’re excited to be the first booking at this new facility”. 

Pioneers sits on the edge of a breathtaking escarpment and enjoys sweeping views over Brisbane and Moreton Bay.  It is a tranquil and relaxing site.  Combined with newly renovated rooms which offer privacy and comfort, this site is an attractive and affordable option for any groups looking for a memorable getaway.

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