EXLR8 your Leadership Camp at QCCC

Leadership Camps Queensland Schools High Schools
Team initiatives are an essential part of the EXLR8 Leadership experience

The EXLR8 Leadership Development Program is an innovative and highly sought after Leadership Development program in Queensland schools. Queensland Conference and Camping Centres are proud to partner with EXLR8 to make their programs and format accessible to schools in South East Queensland.

Exlr8  is more than a tick and flick approach to leadership development that presents the technicalities of becoming a leader, or employing a seminar based methodology that simply acknowledges and espouses the processes and procedures of how leadership works, exlr8 focuses on developing the priority and principles of leadership within a student leader. 

Utilising an intrinsic action/reflection approach is purposely designed to help students develop character based decision making capacity through helping them reconstruct their personal story and growing in their understanding of who they are as people and helping them to understand how they influence others around them.

Over a three-day advance* (read retreat – but we don’t retreat in exlr8!), participants will exlr8 through something of a liminal/threshold experience, engage in creative activities that will provide the context for participants to reconstruct their own story and self concept understanding, growing in leadership capacity around the priorities set by their group.

This is then followed up with  mentoring sessions, and online activities and mentoring, where students will progress toward those group established goals. Progress can be both monitored and encouraged.

Participants will also be able to access a web based support network and closely monitored chat room facility for the express purpose of mutual support with other students in other locations who are also participants in exlr8.

These on-line communities are be supported by a monitored ‘facebook’ web site. We are in process of developing downloadable pod casts  and other resources through www.exlr8.com.au so leadership groups can have short inspirational input segments and ongoing instruction as part of their regular localised get togethers.

For more information on booking an EXLR8 program at a QCCC venue please email us with your dates and details.

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