Father daughter camp at Tamborine in October

QCCC Tamborine will host a Father-Daughter camp in October 2011

QCCC are looking forward to offering their first Father-daughter camp, in collaboration with Fathering Adventures, this October.  Real fathering, as it was meant to be, has been lost. Join us on this critical adventure to rediscover and restore what has been long since forgotten.

Being a father is more than genetics. A father is a man who loves, delights in, teaches, mentors, nurtures, trains, and affirms a younger person. His role is crucial in the younger person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. He may be a biological father, a stepfather, an uncle, a grandfather, a mentor, a teacher, or a coach.

Research reveals that children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteems, exhibit empathy and pro-social behaviour, and avoid high-risk behaviours such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.

Sadly, research also reveals that on average, a child spends only 8 minutes per day with his or her father.

Every child has one core question, though they may never voice it. This core question must be answered by BOTH his or her mother AND father. This universal question can be asked in a variety of ways… “Do you love me?” “Are you proud of me?” “Do you delight in me?”

The weekend package includes activities at Adventure Parc

A child spells LOVE, “T-I-M-E”, and 8 minutes per day, does not, and cannot answer this question in a healthy, life-giving way. The absence of Dad’s presence in the life of his child will leave the child with a deep unseen wound, that if left unhealed, will continue to shape and affect their life in a potentially destructive manner, for a lifetime. We at Fathering Adventures believe that prevention is better than cure.

I’ve never met a Dad who hasn’t wanted to be the best he can be. Many Dads just feel inadequate and ill-equipped in their capacity as fathers, courtesy of their relationship with their own Dad.

The Father-daughter weekend is designed to assist you spend some quality time with your daughter while also receiving coaching and encouragement in intentional fatherhood. 

Some of the questions we will address include:   

Are you fathering intentionally?
Do you father with the end in mind?
What will your daughter leave home with?


When: 7-9 October 2011
Where: QCCC Tamborine
For:  Girls aged 7 to 13 years inclusive, and their Dad or significant male other. 
Cost: $225 per person ($450 per pair)
Details:  A fully catered weekend with coaching in effective and intentional fatherhood.
Activities: Cost includes a half-day at Tamborine Mountain‘s Adventure Parc.

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