What makes it worthwhile ….

School camp, canoe lake, Queensland, Sunshine Coast
Particularly impressed with the dedication and professionalism of your activity leaders .....

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is the feedback we get from guests about their enjoyment of our programs, and how it builds into the lives of those we host and teach.  Here’s a small sample – a letter we received from a school this week:

Dear Neil,
I would just like to thank you and your staff for the fantastic camp that our school experienced this week.
As discussed with you I was particularly impressed with the dedication and professionalism of your activity leaders.  It is clear that they love and are passionate about their work. It is great to see them passing on their individual skills to the students they assist by being friendly, caring, disciplined and polite.At school, I work predominantly with learning support students but also spend much time working with our students that find themselves at the lower academic end of the spectrum. It is wonderful to see these students excel in physical activity. They all learned to trust and admire their leaders quite quickly and build trust and friendships with their peers. I feel it offers them role models and achieveable goals to set for their own career paths if they find that outdoor education or physical education is their passion.
Not all students will attend university but they can achieve equally for themselves through many careers our vocational education career paths offer.
Kind Regards

(School name witheld for privacy reasons).

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