New beginning for an old friend

Camps Sunshine Coast Conference
Lucky it didn't drop!

Regular camp and conference guests to QCCC Mapleton will know that the property is blessed with an abundance of beautiful trees, particularly in the area around the rainforest walk. 

The front entrance of Latham Lodge (the main building) is highlighted by a number of soar

ing eucalypt trees, and in recent months one of them has proved a little troublesome.  A few years ago a large covered deck area was built at the front entrance, and around this particular tree.

With storm season again approaching, some of the branches of the tree posed a risk to the building and so it became necessary to bring the tree down. 

While there’s sadness about the loss of one of these beautiful trees, there’s also excitement about what comes next.  The remaining stump of the tree will be given a new lease on life as it becomes the centre piece of a proposed water feature. 

The front deck is already a place of marvellous ambience.  The addition of running water will only enhance the peace and serenity of the deck which is a favourite stop for sitting in the sunshine while enjoying lovely views over the Mapleton property.

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