Eat safe at QCCC Brookfield

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Some of the fine fare on offer at QCCC Brookfield

The kitchen at QCCC Brookfield was recently inspected by Brisbane City Council as part of the new Eat Safe Brisbane food safety rating scheme that applies to the 6000 licensed food business in the Brisbane area.

Businesses in Brisbane are currently being audited and Eat Safe Brisbane will be publicly launched in November 2010.  The program aims to reward high food safety performers, help the public to learn which businesses are high performers, and better use resources to improve standards among poor performers.

Brookfield’s kitchen has been given a four star rating, meaning the kitchen facilities came through the audit process with a rating of ‘very good performance’ in areas of compliance with the stringent Eat Safe Brisbane requirements.  Brookfield’s reward from Council is discounted license fees and fewer ongoing audits.

QCCC Brookfield's themed nights are popular with guests.

Brookfield’s high rating is a testament to the hard work of the management and catering staff at QCCC Brookfield.  Brookfield retains the services of two qualified chefs and the catering consistently enjoys rave reviews from guests.   

Food is a very important part of who we are at QCCC.  It’s the fuel of life and many cherished human memories are made around the dinner table.  It is a fantastic privilege for us to cater to people, to exercise hospitality and allow people to relax around a good meal without having to worry about the dishes afterwards. 

We’re glad our commitment to excellence in catering has been recognised by the Brisbane City Council!

2 thoughts on “Eat safe at QCCC Brookfield

  1. I’m in the hospitality cleaning industry here in Brisbane, we have had ‘Eat safe Brisbane’(scores on doors) going for awhile now. I think the idea is fantastic, as an avid diner along with my friends and family and the general public we have the right to know, what the hygiene is like in our eating establishments. They should have nothing to hide and be happy council is doing something about some of the poor standards of hygiene that are around.
    My business specialises in the cleaning, sanitising of commercial kitchens, mainly restaurants, if you saw what we see in some kitchens, the general public wouldn’t eat out, it is disgusting, rodents, cockroaches, pests, filth, grime, I promise you I am not exaggerating.
    What my business did for Brisbane eateries, we put together a simplified manual to help owners fit the criteria of the standard the health department and council want. I supplied majority of my clients in Brisbane with a manual , majority of them scored between 4 to 5 rating, 5 being the highest score. Be prepared, it’s a wonderful idea.
    In the UK they have an online directory with eating establishments ratings, it’s fantastic you look up before booking a restaurant to see the score, just like when you book into a motel. WHAT SORT OF A RATING DO YOU WANT, especially when it comes to food safety, thousands of people die per year due to food poising. Eating venues if you want some expert advice don’t hesitate to call me. LETS GO FOR HIGH SCORES IN ALL EATING ESTABLISHMENTS, if not close your doors.

    Diane Reynolds XSteam clean Brisbane 1300 406232

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