The Mapleton Giant Swing

The Giant Swing at QCCC Mapleton is one of the most popular of the high rope activities for school camps and other groups who come to us.

We have two Giant Swings on-site. The larger of the two was significantly raised last year – the pole that people are released from is 16 metres high (around the height of a five story building). The other giant swing is slightly smaller and was installed late last year to cope with demand!

As you’ll see from the video, we put people in a harness and they’re pulled up to a height they determine by communicating with the people on the rope (so you don’t have to go from the very top if you don’t want to). From the top of the pole you can see the ocean on one side and the beautiful Mapleton rainforest on the other.

When ready you let go the release rope and go swinging back and forward into the trees that verge on QCCC Mapleton’s private rainforest walk. This footage is taken from the top of the pole that people are released.

Great fun!

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