QCCC Tamborine’s chaplaincy dinner

QCCC camp school chaplain catering
Getting ready to pay tribute to Tamborine Mountain chaplains

Each year QCCC Tamborine sponsors a dinner as a fundraiser for the Scripture Union chaplains on Tamborine Mountain.  The most recent dinner was held on 11 August in the dining hall at the WEC Centre, one of the three complexes that forms QCCC Tamborine. 

There are four chaplains on Tamborine Mountain, spread across three schools.  QCCC pays for and hosts the meal for Scripture Union so fundraising is maximised.  The most recent event drew the largest crowd yet – 140 people showed up for a night of entertainment and food. More than $5,000 was raised to support Mountain chaplaincy through the course of the evening.

Diners were entertained by the local school orchestra and later a band, watched some great video of the work of the chaplains on the mountain and heard from some of the kids given hope in dire situations by the chaplaincy service. There was a fairly bouyant mood in the room after the previous week’s announcement from the ALP that if elected they will extend a further three years funding to chaplaincy in schools.  The Liberal Party have already made a similar commitment, so for the short term chaplaincy enjoys bi-partisan support and a bit of certainty and stability.

The videos and stories on the night were a strong testament to the benefits of chaplaincy in our schools, despite some opposition.  It’s not uncommon for teenagers to get themselves into some fairly dire situations and often the chaplains are the first, or perhaps only, person they can turn to. 

QCCC has nothing but admiration for these chaplains – their availability is a precious gift to our schools.

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